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Speech On English Class——My Favorite Star Cai Xukun

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to introduce my favorite star, Cai Xukun. He has many hobbies, such as singing, dancing, rap and playing basketball
Born on August 2, 1998 in Zhejiang Province, Kun is a male singer, actor and music producer in mainland China. His masterpiece is "because you are so beautiful" which has been known recently.
In April 2012, I participated in the variety show "go up! Youth entered the top 200 of China; in August of the same year, he participated in the first idol drama fairy tale one half. In March 2014, he participated in his first film, the perfect false wife 168. In January 2018, he participated in the competition of idol men's troupe to perform the cultivation reality show "idol trainee", and won the highest number of votes on April 6 of the same year, making his debut as a team leader with nine men's troupe in position C [3]; in August of the same year, he released his first EP "1"; later, he won the first individual music award "the most popular potential male singer" in the Asian new song list in 2018; 1 in the same year In February, he won the "best RBT sales singer" of miguhui in the 12th Music Festival, "wait wait wait wait", Sohu Fashion Festival "popular male star of the year" and "idol of the year" in today's headline annual festival. In February 2019, the first Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV station, he wrote songs and songs for him, that spring; on February 18, he released the single "no accident"; on March 22, he released the theme song "bigger" for overseas public performance; on April 19, he released the single "hard to get"; on July 26, he released the album "young"; on October 6, the combination contract of ninepercent expired and officially dissolved.
He has many advantages
Facial value
Height 183, he has exquisite facial features and super high color value, whether it is refreshing style or attractive makeup, Cai Xu Kun can easily control, salt and sweet, most fans also because his face is worth entering the pit.

  1. Be friendly to others and take good care of teammates

In "idol trainee", Cai Xukun is not arrogant at all because of his good foundation and fast learning of song and dance. He often helps his classmates to train. His friendship with Wang Ziyi and Qian Zhenghao is also praiseworthy.
That's what I'm introducing today. Thank you

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